Thursday, 19 July 2012

HOTT Day in July 2012 - Battle 5

Good evening,

While I've got a quiet moment, here is my report of Game 5. Early German vs. US Air Cav.

I took...
  • 1 Warband General

  • 3 Warband

  • 4 Hordes

  • 1 Rider

  • 1 Hero

  • 1 Dragon

  • 2 Lurkers

Gordon took his newly assembled US Vietnam Air Cavalry...
  • 1 Hero General

  • 1 Magician (an artillery F/O)

  • 2 Shooters

  • 4 Flyers

  • 1 Dragon - an AC130

And away we went.

Early in, Gordon advanced into (he was hoping through) the wood when he was lurked upon.

One of whom quickly died!

Then to strains of the Ride of the Valkyries, Gordon sent forth two of his choppers... of whom fled...

...and the other one died.

And then my dragon arrived!

In the meantime, Gordon thought to take on my Hero.

It lasted for a while, as it happened.

Anyway, in goes the Dragon against some Shooters...

...with some success...

...along with my Lurker pushing back Gordon's General. Well done, those men!

Next kill was managed by my Hero against the chopper...

...I love the smell of burning Huey's in the morning. Or afternoon, as it happened.

At the same time, Gordon pushes forward with his own Hero looking easy meat his self. Trouble is, my own Hero found himself with nothing to do, so...

...and with nowhere to recoil...

And that was the end of that.



  1. Brilliant Nick, mental, but brilliant!

    1. Cheers Monty. Yep, that's one of the pleasures of HOTT - it's mentalness!

  2. Still a great game after all these years.

    1. Here here! Great fun, and the versatility of the army building system has practically no limit!