Wednesday, 11 July 2012

HOTT Day in July 2012 - Battle 3

Raetian Goblins vs. Kevin's 15mm Cavemen!

Good evening,

My next battle was using my Raetian Goblins...

  • One Blade General

  • 12, yep, count 'em, 10 Hordes

  • One Rider (Lizard Riders - if anyone's got any 20mm wolves upon which they could ride, please let me know!)

  • One Behemoth (Troll)

  • One God (a Storm-ish Gaint)


  • One Hero (the dude riding the Rhino thing)

  • One Paladin (the fellow carrying around Stonehenge...)

  • Four Warband (including his General...unmarked as such, consequently pretty much overlooked as the General when fighting in close combat the whole game!)

  • Two Shooters

  • One God (a big lizard)

And so it began.

Early on, both Gods arrived. First his...

...then mine.

Kevin sent his Lizard God straight in behind my line (??) which in turn sent my Gaint in to meet him. Backed up with some support. What was he thinking?

First result was a stand...

...not so much the second.

Not terribly phased, he rolls his line into mine, and, well, my Hordes start dying like, well, Hordes!

Still, it wasn't all bad.

And soon it became really quite good, as, by a very lucky/unlucky roll of the dice, I took out his Paladin and started to roll up his line...

...but not without some casualties being inflicted on my other flank!

Still, it did the biz.

The Hordes won the day. They did what Hordes are supposed - die in droves to give you time to win the battle elsewhere!

After all, you can't make an omelet without breaking a few eggs!


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  1. Sorry, meant to comment on this yesterday. I was going to try the Wolf Pack from here: and if you want to see how various wolves scale up I refer you to this post: