Friday, 13 July 2012

HOTT Day in July 2012 - Battle 4

Good morning,

And on with battle 4.

My Late Republican Romans...
  • Hero General

  • Another Hero

  • Six Blades

  • One God - Mars, his self

  • And, since I was defending, but forgot to bring my Roman camp, I borrowed Robin's Chaos Stronghold. Consider the game one of the Chaos' wanting their home back!

...against Robin's 20mm Chaos army...
  • Hero General

  • Three Knights

  • Four Blades

  • Two Hordes

  • One Dragon - who never showed! Pheww!

And away we went.

Early on, Mars his self deigned to arrive on the right flank.

So, in they went!

Both Robin and I thought that Gods quick killed Heroes and visa versa, but, well, actually, they just stand there trying to double each other (combat results wise, that is). At combat factor 6 vs combat factor 6 (plus opposing die rolls), that wasn't going to happen any time soon. Or at all. The advantage of the God is, however...he don't recoil on a recoil result.

So...yay, I've tied up Robin's most powerful element. Well, 'till his Dragon turns up (when he rolls a 6 on his movement die) or Mars disappears when I roll a 1 on my movement die...

Anyway, with Robin's Hero General tied up, I was able to zip around with my own Heroes and do the biz...

...while the rest of the boys held the other flank.

Thankfully, Mars stayed the whole game, Robin's Dragon didn't show...

...and that was the end of that!

Cool minis though!



  1. Great report, looks like a really fun game to me!

    1. Cheers Sander. That's exactly the idea I was trying to get across - these games are fun!