Sunday, 12 October 2014

X Wing with Brucie, Game 2

Good afternoon,

Well, after a complete toasting we had enough time for another game. Same forces, same set up, we just swapped sides.

I thought to concentrate my firepower against Vader. Seeing as Bruce had already set up...

Wat, me taking advantage?

Alas and alak, I hadn't thought particularly carefully about it. Bruce was able to fly Vader in so that no one could shoot at him (you can't shoot at a ship you've collided with), while he zips those interceptors into my flank...

I try to turn to face...colliding Wedge into the B Wing to deny him actions, who himself is denied actions because he just K turned. Doh!

Two interceptors strip my B Wing's shields...

...and land a critical hit...

...which Soontir then finishes off. With some prejudice!


Unfortunately I misjudged how close that asteroid was to Luke, who lands on it, denying him not only an action, but also a shot.


Double rats! Another one for Soontir.

Which just left Wedge.

Run Wedge, run!

Not far enough!

So there you go. Two games, two absolute drubbings! I really need more practice with fighters - the Falcon doesn't have to worry about this whole pointing in the right direction rubbish!

Well played Bruce, well played.


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