Wednesday, 29 October 2014

The Yavin Four

Good evening,

Right, after the last two games, and my realisation that the B Wing ion weapon was not in a turret, I went away and rethought my list. This is what I came up with.

Nice and simple. Two Pilot Skill 6 pilots and two PS4s. I went for Red Squadron pilots 'stead of Rookies, cause I wanted them to have a chance to be able to shoot before...well, at least someone. Anyone? Please?

So, instead of writing school reports (Monday was Labour Day after all, so I was naturally at work), I cut and ran early hoping to get in a pick up game at Comics. Thankfully, George was willing and able to comply. With Wedge, Biggs, and...some new chick from the Rebel Aces box who could shoot ordinance out of her...firing arc. And ordinance this list had aplenty - every man and his dog was carrying a load out of proton torpedoes. Or two.

Asteroids were thrown down, with a nice wide jousting alley down the flank, so we lined up and away we went.

Note Wedge up front, but Biggs staying at range 1 behind, forcing all and sundry to shoot at him instead.

Early on, Red 1 was target all and sundry. And in spite of carrying a focus...

...all those proton torps took their toll. In fact, I'm not even sure if he got to shoot at all.

Still, I kept closing 'cause...well, from the last games I realised that I have to keep my guns pointing at something!

Unexpectedly, Wedge zipped right over and in behind my...what did they call phalanx.




...he missed every shot! Whew!


...Biggs did not!

Well, there was nothing left for it but to carry on. And keep my guns pointed at my foe.

Again, the target had to be Biggs, but with Biggs and Garven paying him heed...

...he finally went down. Boy, did he soak up a lot of hits. (His defence dice were really good.)

Mind you, so did Dutch in my Y Wing. Soak up hits, not roll evades. Y Wings can only roll one defence die, so...yeah. He was lucky to survive Wedge and the B...

...but survive he did.

Much to Wedge's dismay.

Right, now the odds were stacked in my favour. Just. That B Wing was all but at full health.

Now all I needed to do was a couple of K Turns...

....oh drats! I misjudged that.

"Hello Dutch." "Why, hello Garven."

We separate, and I manage to ion the B.

Sweet! All I have to do is ion him again, and then I can clear this Y Wing's stress.

Aww man!

So it all came down to this. The B Wing manoeuvred to go head to head with Dutch (he was expecting me to take a slow green manoeuvre to clear my stress), though he couldn't do anything about Garven flying up behind him and unleashing hot plasma. And Garven passing on his focus to Dutch.

Which took the B was down to one hull, as was Dutch.

But Dutch got to shoot first!


That was a great game George. It was vey close, the dice were hot and failed us both at critical times - all in all, everything that makes X Wing such a great game!



  1. Enjoying the X-Wing goodness as you hone your list.

  2. Smashing!

    I love that Y-Wing-on-B-Wing climax in particular.

    1. Cheers Drax! I was deeply concerned when I rolled only one hit - at that point I was sure I was about to loose Dutch. But then then George rolled even less! That's one of the things I love about X Wing - the cinematic excitement of it all!