Friday, 25 January 2013

More Sarmatians Done

Good afternoon,

As work looms large, here are two more Sarmatian Knight elements finished.

An ecclectic mix of Zvezda Mongols, Revell Praetorians, a HaT Carthaginian (I think), a lot of Esci Napolionic cav legs. The bulk of the horses are Italeri Mongols with one HaT Late Imperial Roman Heavy Cavalry/Catafract and an Evolution Sarmat horse.

And here are all that I've got to do to actually finish the DBA (or HOTT) army.

One last Knight, a Light Horse and a couple of Psoloi elements. If I ever get a box of Strelets Sarmatians I'll be able to swap out some of the Mongols and add a twelfth Knight element.

The General element, well...

...I'm thinking of replacing the trumpeter's kontos with that [HaT Parthian] Draco standard. Whatdoyarekon?



  1. They look great Nick, do you think you will finish them before school goes back?

    1. Thanks John. I doubt I'll get them finished. We've got three days of meetings next week, and I'll have to get the room sorted and labelled and stuff, so no, probably not. Still, it's not a race, is it?!

  2. Looking very nice...and impressive!

  3. Thanks Phil. I hope they'll do the biz when I finally get them finished.

  4. Thank you! The last two mounted elements are almost done...