Monday, 14 January 2013

What Steam Is For

Good afternoon,

I'd like to draw your attention to this...

...much in the same way that I drew my son's attention to this.



  1. Ahhh yes...some scary thoughts there...

    Must admit I have wasted quite a few hours on PC & console games with nothing to show for it...and he's right, most of em do tend to stress you out because they are son can't understand why I like to use cheats now and play on "easy"- I reckon it's just not worth wasting the energy on a "hard" game.

    Is it possible however that many pursuits could be similarly thought of as wasting the precious few hours of our lives? Painting toy soldiers, playing golf, watching TV, drinking beer, whittling ? ;)

    I guess video games differ from many other pursuits in that there really is nothing to show afterwards- apart from a bigger internet bill, back-ache, deep vein thrombosis and eye strain. ;)

    1. He, he, he! Your right, at least I've got painted toy soldiers to show for my time!