Monday, 1 December 2014

A Message for Tim

Hi Tim,

Upon further reflection, seeing as you are the national champ...yes.

Anything from...
  • Another bash at some point, or...
  • a Phantom or Headhunter, or...
  • Rebel Aces!
What ever you see fit! :-)



  1. Nick! You don't have to do that if you don't want to but I won't lie I'm super keen!

    Rebel Aces, sold! But for your consideration would you prefer an Outrider or a Decimator?

    1. Hi Tim. Wow, are you sure? I have been eyeing up the Decimator, but thought it beyond my pretty meagre X Wing budget. To be honest I'd be happy with a Phantom, but if you're sure... :-)

  2. Nick if I had it my way I would be getting you a decimator and a phantom! But phantoms are notoriously hard to find these days, or else I would have bought more myself!

    A decimator it is, I'm very sure!

    1. Sweet! (Though I don't know if I'd be comfortable with both - I think the Decimator is waaayyy generous!!)

      When shall we get together? How can I get these dice to you? (No need to wait for the Decimator if you've not one on hand.) Where?!

  3. Get in touch with me at 027 87 33446 - we will organize a game sometime!

    These dice are hard to come across + you have no reason to be giving them up - Decimator is MORE than fair!

    1. Sweet! How's this weekend? I'll send you a text.