Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Stan's First X Wing

Good afternoon,

Another lunchtime, another game. Huzzah!

This time Stan wanted to try out an X Wing game.

So, as this was his first game, I thought 50 points might be a good idea. He took the Rebels...

...and I took the Imperials.

It subsequently occurred to me that we were playing with the contents of two starter set boxes. (Well, if you don't count that upgrade card...which I don't have anyway...)

I threw down some asteroids, and away we went.

Unfortunately, due to his unfamiliarity with the movement templates, Stan flew Luke onto a couple of asteroids in succession, which cost him a shield.

A bit of weaving and bobbing about... the Rebels back in formation...


...and killing!

As well as imparting a critical hit here and there. This one causing Academy Pilot 4 to loose an agility die.

Another Rebel close encounter...

...which imparts another critical hit on Tie 4, this time reducing his firepower to 1, and then...


We separate, getting ready for our next passes...


...Luke brushes just a little too close to another asteroid, and that was the end of that!

Another fun game, of which Stan seems to approve.



Oh, and this just in...anyone would think that I play a lot of X Wing!


  1. Great stuff again Nick! Happy New Year BTW ;)

    1. Cheers Monty. Spent a quite one painting Parthians and Persians. :-)