Wednesday, 24 December 2014

DBA Game 3

Number two.

Good afternoon,

Another lunchtime, another DBA 3 game. Sweet!

This afternoon Stan popped around again in his lunchtime for another our second 3.0 game.

This time I took Early Germans, II/47d Other Batavian or Cherusci...

  • 1 x General (Cv)
  • 2 x Warriors (3Wb)
  • 7 x Warriors (3Wb)
  • 2 x Skirmishers (2Ps)
...and Stan took Early Imperial Romans, II/56, of a mounted flavour...

  • 1 x General on horseback (Cv)
  • 1 x Equites (Cv)
  • 4 x Legionaries (Bd)
  • 3 x Auxiliary Pedites (4Ax)
  • 1 x Equites (Cv)
  • 1 x Numidian Light Horse (LH)
  • 1 x Horse Archers (LH)
As I was the aggressor (again), Stan laid out the terrain (again). Two patches of [non rough] fields (first PIP was not a 1, so the fields were not rough going, bother it), a hamlet and a gentle hill.

My first bound, and...away we go! Being able to deploy forward, and having longer move distances, meant we came real close, real fast.

Sneaky, sneaky light horse...

Anyway, bound 3, and Stan rolls right in. Seeing as I was disadvantaged by reduced flanks due to double ranking my centre.

Second combat (the first pushing my Wb back into the Hamlet - Blades now follow up...), and, well...




Next bound, and we got ready to keep on slogging it out in the centre.

While, in the east...


Then, moving the combats from my left to right...

Oh, poos!

Oh, double poos!

Oh treble poos!


Unfortunately, it was a little too little, a little too late.

(I was sure this last combat was going to end badly for me...phew...didn't fancy going down 5:3...)

Still, another quick, fun game, and in the end, 'twas closer than it seemed. 4:3 to the Romans.

I quite like the way the Blades now follow up. Gives them a more dynamic, less static feel. They aren't trying to keep a shield wall, after all.

Thanks again Stan, and I'm already looking forward to our next bash on Monday.



  1. I finally caught up with your blog. I enjoyed the X-Wing reports and covet your ships. Do you prefer DBA 3 to HotT? Happy New Year.

    1. Hi Sean. Cheers, I do enjoy me a game of X Wing from time to time. To time.

      As for DBA vs HOTT...I love both, though I have to say I'm particularly enjoying DBA 3 at the moment. Had a game yesterday with Stan, and have another lined up for a couple of hours time, again with the man hisself. Mythridates vs. Sulla. Almost all completely unpainted! But I think this will be my first outing with my Macedonian pikemen...