Tuesday, 16 December 2014

The Generosity of Parents

Well, the parents of the children I teach anyway.

Good evening,

This morning my lovely parents (of the children I teach) rocked up with an end of year bonus as a thank you for a year well spent.

(That's me with a parachute - we were about to play some games with it outside.)

I'm just back from Comics, and Tim has agreed to provide all of these...
  1. a Scum and Villiany starter pack (when they're out)
  2. a Firespray (when they're back in stock)
  3. a Z-95 Headhunter (when they're back in stock)
  4. a couple of M3-A Interceptors (when they're out)
  5. a Tie Phantom (when they're back in stock)
  6. a Rebel Aces pack (at least that's in stock!)
  7. and another Tie fighter
...for the price of the voucher - a saving of...well, about $10, but hey!


Better still, I can get some now...

...some in February (the restocks of the Headhunter, Firespray and Phantom) and April - the Scum and Villiany starter and the M3s.

So this truly is the gift that keeps on giving!!

Thanks once again,



  1. Nice! It's always good to be appreciated :-)

  2. Good stuff!

    I'm holding out for the wretched B-Wing re-stock...

    1. Have you considered the Rebel Aces pack? Now I got me both two As and Bs!