Sunday, 26 April 2015

ANZAC X Wing Game 1

X Wings vs. IGs.

vs Tim. The 2014 National Champ.


Good afternoon,

This ANZAC Day, as well as attending my first...well, it wasn't a dawn parade, it was at 9 o'clock, so...morning parade?...Tim reminded me/invited me to another Star Wars X Wing Miniatures Game Store Championship, this time at Wizard's Retreat in the city. I thought to take four X Wings, 'cause...well, 'cause I have for X Wings and I've never flown them together.

There's a reason one doesn't see similar lists doing the competitive circuit...

Anyhow, my first draw was against Tim(!) who was flying two IG-88s with all sorts of bells and whistles.

We set up for a joust...

...which striped Wedge down to one remaining hull point and a crit such that if he hit anything he'd take another hit.

So Tim K turned in front of me, and Wedge ran into him!

Boom! And he hadn't landed one hit that got through!

Ah well...

A couple of Segnor loops those ships can dance...


...boom! There goes Garvin.


At least I've got two Rookies left.

Opps! Make that one.

Hmm, I'm beginning to see a pattern...

...and then...

...Boom! A full health X Wing one shotted!

And that was the end of that!

Well played Tim, well played.



  1. Good work again, Nick! I was actually looking at this stuff yesterday at Salute, but remained disciplined and stuck to my plan of Old West and WW2 only...doh!

    1. Cheers Monty. Fair enough mate. It's a great game, lots of fun, but the costs can escalate quite quickly @$NZ 25 a pop (~12-15 pound) for the small ships, more for the larger ones. I've been lucky - my school parents have paid for the bulk of mine, I've won three (!), been given the Decimator (one of the big 'uns) for some dice I won and a couple I've got cheap. Of the 31 ships, I've only paid full price for...about 12, all of them small jobbies. So get a sponsor!! :-)

    2. Opps, my [school] parents paid for the second starter set, so that's 9 I bought myself. Still, that's about $NZ the $NZ25 for the Rebel Transport (retails at $NZ 89) and $NZ 15 for the fourth X Wing = $NZ 245 since December of 2012...

  2. I feel for you Nick. Well he is the champ mate ;)

    1. Is he what?! Jolly nice chap too - he almost felt bad for wiping the table with me!