Monday, 13 April 2015

Epic Last Sunday

Well, actually, the Sunday before that. I played Crossfire with Stan this Sunday last, but more of that later.


Good evening,

Last Sunday...before Sunday last...Mark invited me over to the Woolston club for a 3000 point game of Epic Armageddon.

I took my Space Marines...
  • Supreme Commander, attached to...
  • 1 Tactical Formation
  • 1 Tactical Formation
    • with a Land Raider
    • and a Razorback
    • and a Captain
  • 1 Terminator Formation
    • with a Chaplain
  • 1 Assault Formation
    • with a Captain
  • 1 Land Raider Formation
  • 1 Predator Annihilator Formation
  • 1 Whirlwind Formation
  • 1 Bike Formation, and...
  • 1 Warhound Formation
Mark had...I want to say Chaos Marines, but they weren't. Some sort of nasty nasty bad-guy Marines anyway, with freaky War-Towers-On-Wheels war machines, and horrid Dish-Out-Extra-Suppressions artillery/catapaulty things.

I was using unit cards to keep track of who's activated, and who's yet to.

One of those freaky war tower things...

...the nasty, hard as nails, [?] Marines...

...and those catapaulty artillery.

In the centre I rush forward with my Supreme Commander formation, to come under immediate fire from those odd looking, particularly nasty artillery.

Drats! If I remember correctly, that was it for this formation for the rest of the game!

On my left, Mark had started rolling down one of his war towers, so I thought to rush forward and up the hill to take it in it's flank.

Unfortunately, Mark covers it's arse, so to speak (hey, it's got a face, so it's reasonable to expect it to have...).

While I march move my bikes from the opposite flank, up pops...Space Zombies! I kid you not, these wee things were actually zombies!

End of Turn One.

Start of Turn Two I teleport my Terminators in front of the [?] Marines.

And they lose the firefight...

...and run away! Pride of the Imperium indeed!

Still, I did manage to engage the war tower with my Titans.

I had also managed to set up my Land Raiders in front of Mark's monster.


It breaks...

...runs away...

...and disgorges it's passengers.

I didn't know they were in there!

The zombies assault my Whirlwinds, but, as my Assault Marines were so well camouflaged, Mark hadn't seen them, and therefore hadn't accounted for their fire fighting assistance.

Huzzah! They break!

The zombies, not my Whirlwinds. (In spite of the formation being sliced in half!)

Oo oo oo oo...a broken formation in front of my Bikes.



However, Mark rolls forward his doom tower (it may well indeed be a Doom Tower!) and it's associated foot sloggers.


Their assault breaks what's left of my Supreme Commander formation (but only just!)... my gallant Marines run and hide.

Defenders of humanity indeed!

Mark consolidates his position.

All while my biggest formation sits dithering ineffectually.

Who's idea was that?!

Oh, right...mine...

However, I still had my Assaults to activate...and Mark had none.

So, I march right across the board, setting up for an assault on those artillery. Should I win initiative.

A fire fight ensues...

...and I freak'n lose! Lose I tells ya!

Saviours of humanity indeed!

Next turn I roll up my Predators.

To absolutely no effect!


You know, I'm beginning to think that these Marines are not living up to their hype!

The Assault Marines scream in again...

...only to run away like little girls!


And speaking of running away...

...oh, come on!

Mighty machines of the Imperium indeed!

The Terminators scoot for cover...

...while the Land Raiders scoot past the bad guys so as to shoot the centre war tower up the ar...

The [?] Marines fail in their assault upon the Land Raiders.


Mind you, my bikes still fail to eliminate the zombies...that's the trouble with zombies, they refuse to die...

...whilst, and at the same time (or turn), Mark runs back with his second tactical formation to tackle with my Predators.

And tackle them they did.

Brave upholders of humanity indeed!

Then Mark's centre Tacticals firefight my bikes...

...and win!


[Insert snarky comment about the Marine's ability to fight here.]

Not wanting to tackle those nasty [?] Marines in the centre, my largest formation goes on overwatch.

Alas, Mark does some scooting of his own, and brings his victorious marines from his right up behind my Land Raiders... spite of the efforts of my Terminators... as to assist in Mark's assault upon my tanks.


Still... least they broke themselves!

But, well...

...that was the end of that!

That last turn was a Marine slaughter!

In fact, these were my only two unbroken formations left on the table!

Still, it was a fun game none the less.

Thanks again Mark,



  1. Nice report NIck! And I must confess and apologise I had one extra marine unit in each of those four marine formations - oops!! So you might have won after all. Though another mistake I made was that the Plague Towers actually move 20cm rather than 15cm - not that they did much other than get shot a lot in this game!