Monday, 6 April 2015

DBA 3 - Early Hoplite Greeks vs Sarmatians

...or how to lose with Spears...

Good afternoon,

Sooo...after Mark had shown me how not to use my Sarmatians, we swapped out armies, and sides, to try again. This time I took my Book I/List 52f Later Athenian Hoplite Greeks...
  • Hoplite General Spear
  • 7 x Hoplite Spears
  • 1 x Thessalian Light Horse
  • 1 x Archers
  • 1 x Psiloi
...against my Later Sarmatians...
  • Knight General
  • 10 Knights
  • 1 Light Horse
...this time under more...competent...leadership.

As I was the defender, I set out an Edifice (that's Mars and his temple surrounds!), and two woods which Mark decided to deploy in front of.

Early on, Mark zips his Light Horse behind my line... response to which was to send back my own mounted element. Note singular terms.

I also realised that my right was now rather exposed so try to rush over my Auxilia in a vain effort to protect my flank.

In the meantime..."Here they come!"

My bows, which had worked so well for Mark last time, let loose...

...and fail!


Whilst, and at the same time, the two Light Horse elements just stare each other out. Even though these steppe archers were looking the other way.

My bound, so...

..."I have you now!"

Oh, come on!

My Spear's at factor 4 vs. factor 3, overlapped 2...and Mark quick kills it!


It got worse. Even odds...


Well at least my General managed to push back.

But...well...3 to he, 2 to me...

...well, yeah. No real surprise there then.


Same odds...

...different result.

But again, too little, too late. In fact, nothing at all, too late!

Still, 'twas a quick game, so we had time for one more...

Cheers Mark,



  1. Looks like half is Kn just sat on the left, and watched..

    1. Well, to be fair, they didn't have to wait around too long!

    2. The plan was to hit just a few elements with lots of mine, on the flank, but I got lucky and burst through the line before anything more clever could happen... :)

    3. Whereas I needed more of a reserve...good plan Mark!