Tuesday, 7 April 2015

DBA 3 - Numidians vs Marian Romans

...or how to lose with Light Horse...

Good afternoon,

Well, since the last game was over pretty jolly quickly, we broke out two more armies - Numidians...

  • Cavalry General
  • Elephant
  • 6 x Light Horse
  • 4 x Skirmishers
...commanded by me, and Marian Romans...

  • Cavalry General
  • 2 x Cavalry
  • 7 x Legionaries
  • 2 x Skirmishers

...commanded by Mark.

I was the defender, Mark chose to re-orient the battlefield to suit, and away we went.

I tried to head around the flank...

...but Mark closed the gap.


First clash...

...and those nasty Romans get pushed back.

Still, it reminded me of the new 3.0 "LH get +1 for being double ranked" rule.

Mark chares in...

...the elephant starts to get a little carried away, what with following up those Legionaries 'n all.

More pushing and shoving on the right...

...to which I bolster my LH against Mark's General.

And speaking of reinforcing the flank...

However, as I had pulled back resources from my centre...

Oh rats!

More pushing and shoving...

...and more isolation...




And seeing as there was a bit of a breakthrough...to used WW1 terminology...we're studying WW1, and specifically the Gallipoli campaign at school in preparation for ANZAC Day, Term 2, Week 1.

Oh come on!

That was my general too! (Higher combat factor 'in it...)

In the meantime, Mark sneaks some legionaries behind my line.

On the other flank at least my skirmishers have the sense to run away!

And Mark cleverly ZOCs my flanker so that I can only advance towards the newly arrived foot slogs in the back.

Bother it!

On the other end of the line, the Romans start ganging up against my Psiloi.

Mind you...

...perhaps they could hold their own afterall. I mean these chaps did.


More tooing and froing...

Alas and alak...

...the Empire struck back.


And as for my previous heroic skirmishers...


And to add indignation upon indignation my flanker 'ops it!

Well, there you go! A lesson in how not to use a light horse army against heavy foot. As Mark subsequently pointed out, I would have been better served trying to outrun his foot.

Still, thanks for the games Mark, it was great to have the toys out for a play.




  1. Well yes I would have chucked at least a couple of your light horse down the left flank where there was more room to manoeuvre myself... around behind my army, threaten the camp or hit my line from the front and rear simultaneously. Anyway thanks for the games!!

    1. Sage advice indeed! Yes, quite right. I was sucked in by the +1 for double ranking my LH!

  2. Great looking games mate

    1. Cheers Al. That's one of the things I like about ancients - its not all about Olive Drab!!