Friday, 17 April 2015

More 50 Point X Wing

Good evening,

Yesterday, Young Stan popped over for a game during lunch. Now if I could only figure out a way of staying on holiday and being able to pay the mortgage...

Time was short, so we broke out the Star Wars fighters for another 50 point game of X Wing. I thought to try my previous list...

...but with the appropriate application of the correct decloaking template this time, and I thought Stan could try out Keyan Farlander, just for a laugh.

In another effort to keep things fresh, I also broke out the debris templates.

So, we closed...

...I thought to try to split my threats...

...which allowed Stan to simply concentrate on Echo.

Opps, there goes a shield. (And two of the three hull points on the TIE from the previous turn, thank you very much! That in spite of the additional agility from the 'roid.)

Well, at least Dark Curse was able to pull in behind the Rook, while Echo crosses over Farlander's wake.

Next turn I manage, against all odds... fly Echo...

...into such a position so as to blow the Rookie out of

'Course, next turn she's (Echo is a woman) pointing in the completely wrong direction! It's quite a trick to get her where you want her.

Farlander, on the other hand...

...has a much easier job.


So, there it was, womano 'e mano.

We both chose the wrong dials here! There goes Echo's second (and last) shield.

So, let's try that again.

And since Echo was outside Farlander's range, let's drop the cloak!

See, wasn't that so much easier to drive?

At this point, Stan takes a damage from the debris field - so we were down to two hull each.

But Echo got to shoot first thanks to her Veteran Instincts upgrade!

Thanks again for the game Stan, it was lots of fun. 'Specially trying to figure out where Echo'd decloak so as to dial her move!


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