Saturday, 4 April 2015

DBA 3 - Later Sarmatians vs Early Imperial Romans

...or how to lose with Knights...

Good afternoon,

Last night Mark O invited me around to his place for some 20mm DBA using my painted armies. So I brought all eight of them!

Good grief, I've been playing this for 25 years and I've only got eight armies done? Mind you, two of those are triple sized, so...

Anyhow, first up an historical match up - Later Sarmatians against Early Imperial Romans.

Since my entire army was mounted, and all of the terrain (a [28mm] hamlet and some woods) ended up on one side of the table, I chose that side rather than have Mark hide his infantry in it. did kind of mean I was bunched up in the space between them...

Mark took his EIRs with a heavy horsie flavour - Cavalry General, Cav, Knight and Light Horse.

In we close...

...front row first...

Dratted archers!

Mark tries sneaking through the terrain around my flanks.

Oh, come on!

Dratted archers!

But at least my lancers were able to push back his Auxilia.


Dratted die!

I'm sure I saw far more 1s than anything else on the dratted thing.

See what I mean?

Dratted archers!

Things were looking a bit dicey for the horsemen from the steppes.

Ha! Dicey! Gettit?!

Huzzah! That'll learn you!


...'twas too little, too late. Although I took out an Auxilia in the rough on my left, and Auxila in the rough on my right served the coup de grace, with the aide of some support from a cohort of Legionaries.

And that was the end of that.

Still, 'twas great to see my toys on the table, and being commanded with skill to which they are unaccustomed!

Thanks Mark,



  1. Thanks for the game Nick, great to see the fantastic plastics on the table! Yes was a rather mean defile for your lancers to charge into!

    1. Thanks for having me!

      I wonder if I would have been better served spinning the battlefield with the terrain down one flank like you did in the third game.

      Still, it was a cool wee game.

  2. Coolies, old school gaming

    1. It was cool! Two beers cool, in point of fact!

  3. Nice batrep with colorful armies!

  4. Replies
    1. Cheers Paul. Though I've yet to pick up a paint brush!

  5. Great stuff, Nick - food for thought... ;)

    1. Cheers Monty. More coming - six games in the last three days - six losses!