Sunday, 12 July 2015

Cav Con Game 1 Vs Jason and his Prince Zizor Swarm

Good afternoon,

Yesterday (Saturday the 11th), Tim, and Chris from The Wizard's Retreat, organised a wee 12 player, 5 round comp, as part of the Road to the Regionals series.

I thought I might take something a little different, so pulled out an E, a Zed and a B - an EZB list, if you will.

My first game was against Jason and his Prince Zizor Swarm.

Seeing as my dudes were all pilot skill 10, Jason set up first and flew out his swarm. In a quite practiced manner, I might hasten to add.

I think he's done this before.

Not wanting to fly directly into all that firepower (a common theme for the day), I deployed in the centre, hoping to lure him through some 'roids.

Jason flies past, then turns around to take the bait.

While I fly Cracken into the back of Ten. Another common theme for the day.

I try to concentrate on Zizor, but Jason kept him in the back, so... Zed down, four more to go.

Alas and alak...

...Ten gets hated back.

Haters gonna hate!

Jason's swarm goes swarmy things...that is, gets in the way...

...but even so...

...Corran takes out another Zed.

Two down, three more Zeds to go. Plus Zizor. Sigh.

More furball...

...another Zed down...

...but Coran's luck (green dice) finally run out.


And with three to one...

...Cracken didn't really have much of a chance.

I must say, I was surprised at the vicious attention aimed towards Ten.

Swarms. Whatareyagonnado?

Well played, Jason, well played.


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