Thursday, 9 July 2015


Good afternoon,

Another wet lunchtime during my holiday break, another cool wee game of 50 point X Wing over Stan's lunch break.

Same lists as before...

...and away we went.

From the get go, we both try to outflank each other.

Here, I was expecting Stan to 'round the horn' and come into the centre.

He didn't!


More than just rats, he was out of my arc, however Etahn was in both of his...s...his'...(?)

So there went one of my shields.


And once again, I misinterpreted Stan's intention.

I thought he was going to fly back round that rock and come at me from behind.

Still, I was at least able to bring his veteran down to one hull. (No, we weren't bumping). At the cost of another shield.


And once again, I read it wrong. I thought that his ace would fly to the right of that 'roid.

Nup. He flew around it instead. I should have K Turned as per plan A. There goes another round of no E-Wing shooting.


It's worse than that Jim...

...he's dead!

Double rats!

So I try to get back into the fight.

Hang on, where did that tail gaiter come from?!

At least his Ace was out of arc. Trouble was, I had to hold back that focus for defense, so Mr Ace flies away scot free.

Next bound I Advance Sensor, Target Lock, K Turn, get my last shield stripped by Laetin A'shera, and...


Alas, as that vet was the same PS as Etahn...


Thanks for the game Stan, that was cool.


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