Saturday, 18 July 2015

Sarabara Finished

Good afternoon,

Well, as well as playing a few games over this two week break...
  • 7 X Wing
  • 4 Edge of the Empire RPG sessions
  • 3 DBA
...I have also managed to apply some paint to some figures. Specifically, my final Early Achaemenid Persian Sarabara [12 Bw, if you will!] and, well Horde infantry elements.

First without flash...

...and, since it's a pretty dull day here in Christchurch (NZ), with flash.

And, all together now...

...Sarabara rule! That's 4 x 12 = 48 figures over four bases! (Because of...reasons...)

Plus three 7Hd elements to represent the rank and file of the empire. The plebs, if you will. Not that they were called plebs by the Persians, mind you. Would have been by the Romans. Had the Romans met them. Which they didn't. Too busy beating up the Etruscans around about them, I expect.


...and all together now...


I still have one more irregular Auxilia element to finish (3Ax), then I can start on the mounted.

I'd like to think these dudes'd be finished by Christmas!



  1. Well done!
    A most productive holiday :-)

    1. Thanks John. And thanks for your contribution to my productivity!

  2. Very nice job on these elements, the overall impression is excellent!

    1. Thanks Phil. Yes, I thought that having only 8 figures on a 60mm by 60mm base just didn't look right.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks George. It's taking ages to get this army done!