Thursday, 16 July 2015

HOTT @ Robin's, Game 3 - Raetian Goblins Vs Victorian Sci Fi

Good afternoon,

After regaining his losses in the Second Battle of the Underworld, Robin swaps out his one bonemen for an army of good old British VSF.
  • A Blade General - the renowned Major General Caruthers, no less
  • 1 Blade
  • 2 Shooters
  • 1 Hero - that keen young Lieutenant Winstanley
  • 1 Magician, with his dang fangled infernal machine
  • 2 Knights
  • 1 Behemoth - a steam powered mechanical construct

I likewise swap my Skellies for some Raetian Goblins.
  • A Rider General
  • 1 troop of cav - Rider
  • 1 pack of wolves - Beast
  • 1 swarm of bats - Flyer
  • 1 Storm Giant - Behemoth
  • 2 groups of archers - Shooters
  • 6 gaggles of Goblins - Hordes
  • 2 parties of skirmishers - Lurkers

I was the defender once again, so Robin set up with the ridge that I had hoped to set my Hordes upon, behind him.

And so the advance begins. Robin wheels his entire line, I refuse my left and advance on the right.

Then try to protect the right of my left whilst still anchoring my right.

One is the loneliest number...

Anyhow, the battle develops on the left.

Grrr...Steam, Hiss...

That dratted infernal machine zaps one of my shooters.

How rude!

And in. We. Goooo...


The titans clash in the middle.

Argg...Clank, Steam, Hiss...

On the flank...


The push and shove continues in the centre, while I try to mob that Magician on the flank.

Argg...Steam, Hiss...

It was at this point that Robin...pointed...that I should have flown in my bats alongside my General, forcing the Magician to turn to face (@ 3+1 (General) to 4-1 (overlapped)). Rather than have the bats take on the mechanical marvel @ 2 vs 3.

Ah well.

But it gets worse Jim!

The Bats couldn't recoil because the Shooters' front edge was not parallel to the Flyer's back edge.


Still, in the centre...


Grrr...Steam, Hiss...Clunk!

One Horde gets shot on the right...

...while Lt Winstanley himself comes to Robin's rescue on the left.

Well, he tries to.

And in again!

And back he goes!

I try to bolster my chances on the left...

...but a distinct dearth of PIPs only allows me to straighten my line, so to speak.

And the battle rages on in the south. Cardinally speaking. Possibly south south west?

In we go again!

Whilst, and at the same time...

Bang! Argg. Urrhh. Thump!


And more drats!

Robin seizes the opportunity that my isolated General presents... no avail.


Well...lets keep pounding at it then!

That's right, you and your stinking machine better run!

Oh, come on!

It's worse than that Jim...

...he's dead!

Drats, drats, drats!

And so it came down to it. We were both at 10 AP lost, the next element gone from either side would determine the game.

Seeing as the General against his Hero thing wasn't going my way, I thought to use my one PIP differently. Doggies vs. mad scientist. Nature vs machine.


Man, that was an epic game! Very cinematic, very on-the-edge-of-your-seat stuff!

Thanks Robin, that was brilliant!


(For Robin's report, please click here.)


  1. Jolly good eh wot? The young hero chappie was the ever (some would say over) zealous Lt Winstanley, dashed young chap will come unstuck one of these days eh wot? Maj General Caruthers is that wizened gentleman amongst the British line infantry (the Blade base).


    1. Ah, jolly good, I shall update it forthwith.