Monday, 13 July 2015

Cav Con Game 2 Vs John's Ys and Zeds.

Then end of the alphabet, if you will.

Good afternoon,

Here is the second game of the day, vs. John, (otherwise known as Waimate John. Nice place, Waimate. Shot me a wallaby down there once. Right through the nose. Boy, did he look surprised! Had to finish him up with a body shot - which apparently ruined the meat for the farmer's dogs who would have otherwise benefited from a free meal...but I digress...) who had driven up that morning all the way from Timaru (two hours south of Christchurch).

John had brought two Ys and three [Rebel, in spite of their packaging!] Zeds to play. Ion cannons were the order of his day.

To the corner mine were sent,

And away we went.

As we closed, I figured to concentrate on one poor Zed...

...and concentrate I did!

Then the furball began.

An ion shot saw my B zapped, and flown into, with John's Ys flying out, and his Zeds doing what Zeds do - bump!

Still... wasn't all bad from my perspective.

We separate...

...Coran gets Ioned, Ten zips around, and...

...that's one dead Y on the rocks!

Corran turns round, rolls 4 blanks at the Y...

...and three more green blanks to die!

Time was called. Got me a match win by a whole...12 points!


Thanks for the game John, it was great to see some Ys on the board. With their dirty dirty Ion Cannons! :-)

Now I'm off to Robin's for some 20mm HOTT! Yay!


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