Monday, 13 July 2015

HOTT @ Robin's, Game 1 - Undead vs Undead.

Good evening,

This afternoon I headed round to Robin's newly reconstructed abode (complete rebuild, thanks to the earthquakes) for a long awaited 20mm HOTT game. I brought out my 20mm Skellies...
  • Aerial Hero - Skellie riding a bone dragon
  • 3 Knights - long dead Assyrian-ish heavy chariots
  • 2 Riders
  • 1 Beast - Zombie dogs
  • 1 Flyer - winged serpents, if you will
  • 2 Blades
...and likewise did Robin bring out his.
  • A Hero General
  • A couple of magicians
  • 2 Blades
  • 2 Beasts
  • 1 Shooter
  • 2 Hordes
I was the attacker, so Robin deployed his...bones...with his beasts on one wing.

So I set up with my own mounted opposite, with a strong centre of Knights, keeping my heavy hitter (the Aerial Hero) in reserve.

I send my doggies forward, supported by my snakes.

Robin sends forward his own doggies to meat the threat. Gedit? Meat?!

My left closes in... no initial effect.

Robin's hero joins the fray...

...and probably wished he hadn't!

And, as that was Robin's General...that was the game! Cool!


(For Robin's account of the battle, please click here.)


  1. The Hero was my general, rather than a magician, hence the game was lost when h died.. woe is me LOL

    1. Ahh, that's why it was over so quick! Great fun though, thanks for the game. And the coffee!

  2. Good to see some HOTT being played. Also wish it was hotter here in Chch :)

    1. I do enjoy me a game of HOTT. Fancy a bash Saturday afternoon?

    2. Hey sorry busy with work and house shifting, back in action after first week in August though!