Monday, 6 July 2015

The Rescue of Orar Ergalo

A solo adventure for FFG's Star Wars Edge of the Empire RPG.

Good evening,

Well, the holidays are upon us, so for 10 or so (or less) days I've got a bit of time off.

Orar ErgaloNow I could be modeling (those EA Persians ain't gonna paint themselves!), but, well, I sunk a bunch of money into Fantasy Flight Games' Star Wars Edge of the Empire RPG with the hope that it could be a bit of a regular thing with the small group that comes round home on Friday evenings.

'Cept, being winter and general busyness and all, they ain't been.

So, I thought I might try running a game solo, like, 'cause...I've always wanted to! I found, which has the capacity of not only coming up with some ideas but also has the ability to write an adventure log alongside it. In Text. I started doing just that, but, as I was fishing around for details to fill out the background, I found a good few pretty pictures that I could use, and, as I like pretty pictures...I've decided to journal my adventure here.

So, for those who are interested...The Rescue of Orar Ergalo. A work in progress.



  1. Cool! I have been really interested in this RPG & enjoyed listening to a few "actual plays" via podcasts. It would be great to get into a game with you, maybe a "one shot" via Skype or Roll20? Let me know what you think.

    1. Hi John,

      There's a YouTube group over your way called Dice Stormers. Including Murray, the Kiwi - boy did I cringe when he put on a Temuera Morrison/Jango Fett accent! Anyway, they've done a number of Edge of the Empire playthroughs. They're one of the reasons I made the plunge. That, and the book looked so pretty! (And I'd been playing WEG 1ed SWRPG with Matthew for a while, so thought he might like this.)

      You and I play over Skype? Sweet! What's the time difference? If it's 9 o'clock here, what time is it in Tazzie?


    2. Oh, I see, you're two hours behind us. That's totally doable. When are you free?