Tuesday, 20 January 2015

And Now For Something Completely Different

Well, scalewise anyway. I present to you Kings Of War, Greenskins vs. Dwarfs...in 28mm!

Good morning,

Last night, inspired by Robin's previous game of King Of War, I popped around to his place for a bash of KOW myself, using the figures that I've been quietly squirreling away for just such a purpose, purchased second hand and mostly painted, for a wee while now.

(It's funny how these things start. I had a dozen or so Hero Quest Orcs lying around (well spotted Steven), played a game of KOW with Robin quite a while back, saw that the basic rules were free on the web, and thought "Hey, I've already got some figures I can use for that..."

Far too many dollars later (I've paid, on average, about $NZ 1.00 per figure, painted - some beautifully, some...not so much), and hey - 1500 points of Greenskins - Orcs, Goblins and Lizards!)

Anyway, I pulled together a list...

KOW 1500 Point Green Skin List

...right to left...

(The Saurans are essentially Orc equivalents.)

(My only full price purchase - a Mantic Orc chariot. I especially like the shade of pink I managed to get on the pigs!)

(The Skinks are Goblin equivalents)

...facing Robin's Iron Dwarves.

Replete with shooters. First pot shot against my green skins (well, ok, green and blue skins) - 10 dice, no hits!

Likewise the Organ gun on the hill - 15 dice. There may have been a hit or two that time round. Note the banner - one of the aforementioned beautiful paint jobs. However, the seller had really only got round to finishing the front rank, so...that's another job to get round to some time...

I carefully placed my riders on the flank, awaiting for an opportunity of a quick strike, backed up by some magic...

...against Robin's Steel Behemoth. 'Sposed to be a steam tank, I really like his 'copter proxie.

I also move up my Krudger on his chariot for some extra oomph.

Note my unit of Hero Quest Orcs. Those I painted, and mixed in with a lot of old old GW plastic Orcs. If anyone has, or knows of, any more, please let me know - I'd love to expand this regiment.

More shooting, this time causing some disquiet...

Thankfully, that cannon in the background spent all game trying to shoot at these More Ax ('cause they have more axes - a double handed weapon unit!)...and failing!

(Just as well - had they hit, it would have been horrible!)

First contact!

Unfortunately, due to their companion units being shaken for a turn...

...and so unable to move, this lot charges into Robin's horde of Dwarves all on their lonesome.

This may not have been a great idea...

And on the northern flank...the Skinks are getting in the way of the Goblin Horde, who are in turn getting in the way of the Goblin Shooters. Bother.

More non shooting from Robin's lovely looking artillery...

...however, that dreaded Organ gun on the hill...

...takes out my biggest Orc Krudgument before they manage to get into contact. Bother!

And, speaking of not being able to get into contact due to shooting...


And I had such high hopes with those Fleabags!

So, the Krudger rolls in unsupported.


However, the losses weren't entirely one way.


Battle is joined in the north...

...and behind the lines. Robin sends forth his Power Miner up against Wip-the-Half-Caste. Who I thought might be ok in close combat, but he turned out to be more of a zapper than a fighter.

Still, he looks cool!

More biffo in the centre.

And the south.

While, in the north...you know how I said the Skinks were getting in the way?

Problem solved!

Meanwhile, the personal duel continues.

And in the south also.

Finally, my Horde gets into action.

However, since it's charge was partly through the wood, their effective strength is down a factor.


Things were looking up in the centre. Having opened up a flank on the Dwarf Horde, I swing my Hero Quest Orcs into their flank - for double the attacks!

I also throw all in in the south - the tussle of the individuals continues, while I send in my Sauran half regiment and Skink Wiz up against Robin's Iron King.


Finally, the Steel Behemoth is shaken - he can't attack during his next turn.


Back to the centre...urgghh, that don't look good!

(And my More Ax can't get into Robin's cannon, 'cause they ain't got no room. Bother it!)

My galant Orc Regiments had been bounced by Robin's Iron Horde. Now, do you remember that dratted organ gun on the hill?

Oh Drats!

Oh Double Drats!

Oh Stinky Stink Stink!

But at least my shooters can now shoot...?

Finally, in roll my big hitters. Finally.

In the south...


However, the Goblin Hordes aren't making much progress, seeing as how they're still partly in the wood.

On the plus side, they aren't taking any damage either.





And that was the end of that!

'Twas a fun wee game, simple rules with quick resolution enabling one to push around a heap of toys to the completion of a game within the course of an evening.

And I learnt a thing or two...
  • Horde units are the thing - don't get yours stuck behind stuff!
    • Hence, be careful with your initial deployment
  • Have a reserve
    • Perhaps throw in the Goblins/Skinks first with the Orcs/Saurans behind
  • Don't send in stuff unsupported.
Thanks for the game Robin. Please read Robin's account of the battle here.



  1. Well, I never expected you to do 28mm Nick!
    Secretly you have been accumulating a 28mm horde, you wargaming magpie ;-)
    Looks like you blokes had great fun.

    1. Well, in my defense, they were all second hand, apart from the chariot...and almost the entire KOW Skellies army... and they're so much easier to paint!

    2. No need to defend your purchases to me mate :-)
      Yep, painting 28mm is so much easier on the eyes than the smaller scales, downside is you need more room to store 'em and big tables to play on.
      I have a wee stash of 28mm stuff, mostly Arthurian, but I wouldn't mind doing some Middle earth stuff at some stage.

    3. I've often looked at 28mm Arthurian stuff and thought...ohhh, shiney! They look so good!

  2. I know Orcs when I see them! Beautiful game Nick! I really like the KOW rules and am looking to put together an Orc army myself!

    1. Hi Steven,

      Yes indeed, you have a keen eye! Only bother with KOW is now I want to rebase my Orc Krugiment as a Regiment, so that I can use two of them together as a Horde. Likewise, I want to upside my More Ax - I'm going to need some more MDF.

      Has anyone got a laser cutter around here?

    2. Blimey Nick, go for it! Nice one all round ;)

    3. Cheers Monty. Did I hear you say you'd cut this wood for me mate? Excellent! I'll just pop down to the post office with these sheets of MDF... :-)

  3. Great game .. sometimes the 'force is with me' with the dwarves (like this) an dat other times is .. well, it just .. ain't. See last week's game against Adrian.. ewwww

    1. But a fun time was had none the less! I'm going to rebase a couple of my elements to make 'em a bit more...durable. Cool!

  4. 28mm, the one true scale :-) looks like a fun collection of stuff, mantic also do a cool goblins chopper thing that is basically the 'cleaner' from labyrinth. I envy you those lizards too. Only GW seem to do a decent range of them in 28mm.

    1. Hi Jamie,

      28mm, the scale of kings. 'Cause you need a king's ransom to be able to afford the stuff! Ha, I never thought about it, but, now that you mention it, that Gobbo push cart does indeed remind me of Labyrinth!

      Up for another game some time?


    2. You and Robin had a kings ransom? I wish Gw lizards would be reasonably priced but can't have everything, I guess.

      Game would be good in the medium term. Have a gaming queue to work through first. Could even give KOW another whirl as they have a list for my,stuff.

    3. Hi Jamie,

      Nah, all of my GW stuff is second hand. Only paid full price for the Mantic...which is still waayyyy more pricey than 20mm plastics!

      Just drop me a line when you're free and we'll make it happen.



  5. Great pictures and game report Nick! And a beautifull fantasy figures collection!


    1. Thanks Peter. It was a good game - and the pictures do look good as part of the ever growing wargaming picture slideshow I use as the screen saver for the desktop at home!