Sunday, 11 January 2015

Bruce Learns His As and Bs

Good afternoon,

Last Wednesday young (well, he's younger - and smarter - than me) Bruce came around for a game of X Wing.

I thought to run my Decimator, again...

...whilst giving him a couple of As and Bs to run.

I deploy my fighters, Bruce tries to out maneuver me from the get go, and we were off.

I zap a shield or two off the As as they pass in front...

...then turn on a dime... gotta love the Tie dial.

However, Bruce attacks first with Keyan Farlander.


So we place some debris...

...and roll on.


Scattered to the four winds.

Or something.

So we've both lost a couple of light hitters.

On with the show.

Nera Danteles runs into a Tie, Keyan runs into the Dauntless.

And the anti pursuit lasers do...nothing.

More collisions, requiring the temporary removal of the devastator...

...a range one shot from behind...

...and Boom!

I was feeling a little...sorry?...for Bruce, so I thought I'd give him some space for a bit.

Trouble is, I left one behind. It's a matter of a millimeter but Farlander has the shot...

...and he takes it!


Now it's 3:2. And not in a good way. For me.

More zipping around...

...more shots at the Dauntless...

...and Boom!

This thing blows up really easily!

However, what's good for the goose...


Right, to hunt down that last A Wing.

Some good old fashioned dog fighting ensues.


The odds were never in his favour!

And a good time was had by all. So much so, that Bruce immediately demanded another game. follow...Bruce Masters His As and Bs.



  1. Oh, but it's hard to do much of use with an A-Wing. Nice game!

    1. Cheers! I quite like the A Wing - yes, it hits like a wet blanket, looks so cool!