Friday, 30 January 2015

Another Sarabara Done

Good afternoon,

Well, school is nigh, so here is the culmination of 6 week's painting - my third (of four) Early Achaemenid Persian Sarabara Bow element.

And here they are all together.

So that's...

  • 3 Sarabara elements @ 12 figs each = 36
  • 2 Persian Psiloi @ 2 ea, = 4
  • 3 "Fast" Parthian Auxilia @ 3 figs each = 9
  • 1 "Solid" Parthian Auxilia @ 4 figs = 4
  • 1 Parthian Light Horse element @ 2 = 2 + horses
  • 1 Hoplite spear element @ 4 figs = 4
= 59 figures painted. Plus 2 horses. (Plus 11 games of X Wing, 8 games of DBA, 1 of Kings of War and 1 of Great War Spear Head.)

The EAPs still need this last Sarabara element painted... two more horde (one's almost done), two cav, one LH and a General's chariot.

Which should lead nicely to starting the mounted for the Parthians, as they're kinda using the same colours. As indeed do the Later Achaemenid Persians. Which will finally bring on the Macedonians. Then the Mithridatic elements to morph them. Then the second Marian Roman army. Then perhaps the Classical Indians, or the Polybian Romans/Later Carts...then the early if I could only find some reasonable looking Later Pre Islamic Arab figures to sit atop my Italeri Saracens are too medieval...

So many toys, so little time!

ETA on the completion of the Early Achaemenid Persian DBA army? End of the Term 1 holidays, perhaps? I really want to practice playing my guitar more regularly...



  1. A great effort for the school holidays, well done!
    It's great that you have people to play games with on a regular basis, I guess that also helps keep the painting mojo going too :-)

    1. Cheers John. Yep, playing DBA 3 has re-ignited my plastics, so to speak.

  2. Nice job, very impressive unit!

    1. Thanks Phil. Yeah, I'm pretty pleased with them. Glad I went with the 12 figures rather than just the regulation 8.

  3. I like Sparabara units, they always look very military even if they're not always as effective as I would like them to be.

  4. Looks great! Good luck for tomorrow Nick, come home on with your shield or on it.

    1. Ha! Cheers Mark, I'll try to do your elephants proud!