Thursday, 29 January 2015

And Now For Something...

...completely similar.

Good afternoon,

On Tuesday, being the last real day of my school hols (meetings and planning and such taking priority for the rest of the week - back on deck come Monday next week) Young Stan popped round for an early lunch and a quick game with his 15mm toys.

He is lending me a II/32a Later Carthaginian army for the DBA competition at War Clouds, so we thought to try a Book 1/Book 2 clash with his Amalakites. He had Camels for Africa. Or Palestine, as the case may be.

I broke out, and dusted off, my very own 15mm DBA board (I did have a 15mm EIR army ages back, but I sold it), Stan set down some dunes, which I then chose to deploy in (why?!), and away we went.

Stan moved first and had a plethora of PIPSs with which to move up his boys. Me, I just had two, so I try to push out my light horse.

And then I had a lowly 1!

So, seeing as I was a little stalled, Stan storms into contact, recoiling my Spear and Elephant, leaving my Cav General a touch isolated.

Did I say touch?

I meant mightily isolated! Down he does to a lowly Auxilia, and that was the end of that!

He was a bit pushed for time, so he took his leave, leaving me with a lesson I fail to learn time and time again - don't push forward your General too eagerly!


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