Friday, 9 January 2015

The Decimator and the Slippery Foe

Good evening,

Last night young Tim, he of the ever-so-generous-NZ-X-Wing-Champion fame, invited me out to the Cavaliers Wargaming Club for a game of X Wing. Since music practice doesn't start up again 'till February...sweet!

So I tweaked my Decimator list a little...

...packed up my toys, and away I went.

I figured that, since my flankers didn't really help in my last game, I'd keep the boys together.

And this is how I imagine they travel pretty much everywhere anyhow.

Although the formation didn't last long.

Silly asteroids.


...our first catch of the day."


Still, it took all three of the Rebel scum to take it down!

More maneuvering...

...and some concentrated attention on Mr Farlander, right from the get go...

...equals one blowed up Farlander!


Then Jake Farell flies just a little too close into the danger zone...

...and gets finished off by another Tie.

Right, two down, one to go. A mister Koran Horn, sporting push the limit and carrying R2D2.

Lots of chasing ensued.

I just couldn't touch him.

I had all sorts of bother getting more than two ships in range and in arc at the same time. Tim'd push the limit each round to give Koran a focus and an evade, and any shield damage I did manage to sneak through he'd gain back by performing a green maneuver that would clear his stress and enable R2 to give him a shield back.


And those jolly asteroids didn't help my cause!

Silly asteroids.

And still the pursuit continued.

I just try to barge the Dauntless straight ahead. Asteroids be damned, full speed ahead!

'Course I take damage from running over the rocks ahead of me.

Silly asteroids.

Then I land on a rock, denying me a shot.

Silly asteroids.

Koran runs into the Dauntless, sparking off the anti pursuit lasers. To no effect.

Then I thought I'd try something clever.

I bunched the Ties up, so that the Dauntless couldn't move, and hopefully neither could Koran (that's a heap of traffic he'd have to clear) thus finally managing to "run" the Dauntless into Koran, dishing out a damage. That was soaked up by one of his shields. That was subsequently replaced by R2.

But he just zipped forward at full throttle, leaving me pointing in quite the wrong direction.

More chasing...

...more asteroids.

Silly asteroids.

All the while Koran has been taking chunks out of the Dauntless. To the point where it just had one hull left.

Silly asteroids.

That's the thing with the Decimator - it doesn't really hang around long, inspite of it's 4 shields and 12 hull. No evade die mean it's taking crits left right and centre.

Which just left one Tie. That simply didn't have the firepower to cut through Koran's focus and evade tokens, and then his shields, and then into his hull, before Koran would do another green maneuver to regenerate a lost shield.


At least my heroic one-hull-left Tie managed to evade Koran's double tap...

...and then flew away home!

What an epic game! It lasted approximately two and a half hours! As Tim pointed out, had it been a tournament timed game of 60 minutes I would have won hands down!

So, a moral victory to me then!!

Thanks for the game Tim, it was great fun.

Rematch next week!



  1. Two and a half hours Nick?

    Very impressed mate. Good work for the escape.

    1. Thanks Paul. Now if I could only stop hitting asteroids!