Monday, 25 January 2016

Another Six Almost Done

Good evening,

Just finished...sort of...four Parthian Light Horse elements...

...which I now have to wait 'till I've got a bit of dosh for some Parched Straw to complete their bases, and two more elements worth of Marians.

These are awaiting some Dip. I hope to have some Persian Auxilia ready to join them shortly.

Now the big question is - do I dip these LH? I've already undercoated, based, washed and layered them, and I'm afeared that if I dip them all of that will be lost. Hmmm...perhaps the next batch of LH.

So, apart from those awaiting Persian Auxilia (and Hoplites and [Punic Wars] Italian Allies), over these last five weeks I've managed to complete 25 elements comprising of...

  • 91 infantry or rider figures
  • 28 horses
  • 1 chariot, and
  • 1 undead dog/giant rat
That's quite a few!



  1. Impressive! I don't think they need dipping!

    1. Thanks Mark. Cool, I'll leave them as they are.

  2. Excellent Nick. Rapid progress!

    1. Cheers Paul. Yep, I surprised even myself. I may even hit 100 before term starts.

  3. Bravo Nick, a goodly total indeed.
    Yeah, I wouldn't dip the LH, it might muddy em up too much.
    Ever thought of trying the method you used on the skellies on some 20mm? A lightish undercoat, block in the colours & then dip?

    1. Thanks John. Cool, the LH stay as they are. The Marians (legionaries) are next in line for the dip, as were the last ones. Took the shine off the mail, gave a little depth to them all.