Monday, 18 January 2016

Imperial Raider Mission One, Game One

Good evening,

This afternoon young Mark (D) came over, fresh from his hols for an afternoon of gaming before re-joining the rat race tomorrow.

Having had my Raider for, oh, three or so weeks and not having had the opportunity to play with it, 'twas the first toy out of the blocks, so to speak. Out of the display cabinet, actually...

Anyhow, I decided to try out the first mission in the book, since it was on a 3' by 3' mat, and my 6' by 3' mat/black sheet (!) was playing table cloth at a friend's place. These were the forces given...

...against [my own selection of] 100 points of Rebels - no A Wings.

The scenario in the campaign was that some new fangled Tie Advances were being tested, and the Rebel's task was to crash their party and destroy at least one, and then get at least one of the Rebels off their edge of the map. Mat. Table.

Seeing at it was my new toy, I took the Imperials, with Mark taking the Rebels.

And away we went.

Second move, and the Raider speaks for the first time. A range 4 primary weapon shot...

...that really caught Skywalker napping!

We continue closing...

...and the Raider speaks again.

This time the [quad cannons] sent [Skywalker] to oblivion!

The Y Wing tries to zip past the big beastie in an effort to complete the mission...

...but runs into one of the Ties instead.

All actionless... didn't work out well for Dutch.


And in spite of Garvin's best efforts to undo the Tie in front of him... was knot to be!

Man, this beastie's a real...beast!

Thanks for the game Mark, this thing's so cool!

And since we had time, Mark and I swapped sides...

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