Sunday, 17 January 2016

Those Who Have Been Dipped...

...salute you!

Good afternoon,

Well, I've gone and done it. $NZ 50 are my first dipped figures...

...alongside a comparable before shot.

Ok, so the lighting isn't exactly the same between the two sets of shots, but it has made quite a difference on these 28s. Apparently, once the Anti Shine Varnish is applied, the effect really pops.

And, while the dip was out the 20mm Marians got a wash.

Compared with before...

...the jury's still out. The difference is far less noticeable. We'll see how they look after the anti shine, which I have to wait a further 24 hours before applying.

$NZ 50 well spent? Well, it will take me ages to get through the can, and it should protect the 20mms from flaking, and I can alway highlight atop this stain if I want to...though that does take more time, the main selling point of this stuff being that it's designed for speed painting, so...we'll see.



  1. Hmmm, interesting... I'm looking forward to seeing what they look like with their anti-shine coat. Just from what I can see in the pictures it seems to work reasonably well on the bone and fabrics, and I think it gives the 20mm Romans more depth. My only wee niggle would be that it might need something a bit darker on the chain mail - unless of course it's a special mithril like fantasy chain mail :-)
    I've been painting a lot of chainmail recently on my Dark Age figures, and when looking at reference pictures of living history dudes, the chain is much darker than say the metal of the helm.

    1. Hi John,

      Fair enough. I was just going by the name on the paint bottle!

      It's drizzling (again! Christchurch isn't having summer this year!) so I'll have to wait 'till tomorrow evening before I can spray the anti shine.

      Keep watching this space.

    2. Man it's all hot and sticky here at our house, too hot for my painting corner - maybe it will cool down in the evening.
      Sorry if my comment sounded somewhat pedantic, I didn't mean it to sound unkind in any way :)
      I just did another blog post & have made a start on the DA stuff today - here's hoping for some good painting weather...

    3. No worries mate!

      Lucky you, it's kinda like a warm winter over here!