Thursday, 14 January 2016

Marians Waiting for a Dip...

Good evening,

Hot on the heels of the Royal Guard...those Marians that I mentioned a few days back. They're ready for their Dip, so to speak.

They were pretty quick to do actually. There's something to be said to block painting regulars. Now I just have to wait for that Dip.



  1. You are a painting machine! :-)
    At least in the school holidays ;-)
    Another history question...are these the Romans that fought in the Punic Wars, or from an earlier time, like fighting the Etruscans?

    1. Evening John.

      Yeah, I have managed to apply a bit of paint these hols. Fewer games but.

      Anyhow, these are the chaps who took Caesar to victory in Gaul in about 55 BC. And Ancient Britain. And the Roman civil war, which lead to the fall of the Republic and the rise of the Empire.

      And 150 years earlier in the Punic Wars - these figures are actually HaT Roman Principes, the third line in the Republican Roman [Punic wars] battle formations, behind the Hastati (the dudes who had the same shield and pilum (javelin), but just a wee breast plate instead of the mail - who, were, in turn, behind the first line, the skirmishers), but before the last line, the Triarii, the Roman spearmen - same outfits and shields as the Principes, but traded the pilum for a hasta, a spear.