Sunday, 24 January 2016

Brucie's Epic X Wing Bash Game 1

Good afternoon,

Young Bruce and I got together for an X Wing game (or two) a couple of days ago at his place. Hence his kids looking on. The eldest of whom I'm [collaboratively] teaching again this year. The next eldest of whom I'm [collaboratively] teaching again next year.

I had yet to play with my CR-90, so I took around 150 points of Imperial and Rebel Huge and Small ships for an engage/encounter mission - head to head.

And so it begins.We both send the big boys head to head. The little fellas scoot around the outside.

I suddenly realise that I can't bring my single turbo laser to bear from the rear so try to heave the Corvette to starboard.

Bruce unleashes the Raider's own Turbo Laser...

... to somewhat devastating effect.


 I swing the Corvette around to port...

...unleashing some quad laser goodness of my own.

Next round, Nightbeast runs into the rear of the Corvette...

...for no damage, unfortunately.

So I just continue to move lazily to the left. I know some manoeuvres!

All the while getting pounded by the Raider, and sniped by the TIE - who's now too close for me to shoot at it with my main and rear weapons, and is out of ark for my anti-fighter weapons.


But not before that pesky TIE finally cripples my aft section.



...I do get some revenge as I swing the CR-90's huge arse to the right!



...the writing was on the wall. And the Raider was virtually untouched!

So, we swapped sides and set to it again.


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