Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Later Achaemenid Persian Takabara Royal Guard "Apple Bearers" [DBA] Auxilia

Good evening,

Somewhat hot on the heels of those LH, I present to you my three elements of Later Achaemenid Persian Takabara Royal Guard "Apple Bearers" [DBA] Auxilia.

What a mouthful!

I'm quite pleased with how the shields turned out. Black undercoat, brown base coat, brass layer with gold top layer.



  1. Very nice job, they look superb!

    1. Thanks Phil. Yeah, I'm pretty pleased with them.

  2. Great work Nick!
    Why did they have those apples on their spears, was it for decoration or some practical purpose? - I don't know much about the period.
    Are these the Persians that fought the Romans in the 2nd Century, or was it 3rd?

  3. Cheers John. These are the blokes that fought Alexander around 320 B.C. The apples are counter balances, I think. They also identified them as Royal Guard.

    1. Ah, OK thanks, earlier than I'd realised. Those Persians kept on cropping up in various forms for a few hundred years then?
      So is this after Cyrus and the events of the book of Esther?

    2. Yes, later than Esther by a couple of hundred years.

      They're about 100 years later than the Sarabara infantry I finished mid year.

      Actually these Takabara came at the end of the ancient "Persians" (as such). After being defeated by Alexander, they became part of the Seleucid and Ptolemaic empires and pretty much traded in their spears for pikes.