Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Brucie's Epic X Wing Bash Game 2

Good evening,

Following on from the first game, we swapped sides and went again, though this time Bruce swapped out...I think it was the single turbo laser...for some Tibanna Gas Supplies, Veteran Instincts and Marksmanship. Marksmanship on the corvette. Brilliant!

I head straight for him, he holds the corvette right back.

Some long range sniping ensues, while the fighters close.

Too close! Keyan one shots Winged Gundark.


I try to navigate around the asteroids, while the corvette siddles along the outside.

Night Beast K turns in behind Mr Farlander.

Next bound and the big boys carry on closing, while the B K's. (Hang on, it must have K'd before then...)


...the CR-90 one shots the TIE.


Keyan, thinking that he's out of immediate danger flies north...

...right into the path of the 'vette!


And so it was that the two capital ships begin circling each other like prowling cats, looking for an advantage.

All the while snipping...

...and occasionally running into things!

I decide that enough is enough, so determine to turn into the centre, asteroids be dammed!


I finally line up a shot, ready to fire with all weapons...

...and my primary weapon just sputters and fizzles ineffectually.


(And it was about here when the battery on my phone said "No more flash!")

I continue to turn inside Bruce, only to find that now I'm too close, and my rear arcs cannot target his aft.

It's worse than that, Jim...


Silly 'roid.


...ramming speed!

That stops just millimetres short of contact!

 Still, what, with shootin' 'n all...


Bruce takes another crit from a 'roid...

...and heads north, hoping to escape.

Ah, and here's evidence that I didn't understand how the Ion Cannon Batteries worked.

I thought that when it said...
ATTACK (ENERGY): Spend 2 energy from this card to perform this attack. If this attack hits, the defender suffers 1 critical damage and receives 1 ion token. Then cancel all dice results. meant that the target suffers a faceup damage card.

Upon further investigation, it actually means that you essentially hit with a crit, just as if you had diced it (just like a Y Wing's Ion Cannon Turret). The crits can be soaked up by the shields. Opps. The Corvette suffered at least a couple of crit effects that it shouldn't have.

Sorry Bruce.

Anyhow, the CR-90 limps off the battlespace...

...and into hyperspace!

Thanks for the games Bruce they were way cool!


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