Tuesday, 19 January 2016

D-Dip De-Shined

Good evening,

We had a bit of a dry spell this afternoon (this has not been a great summer so far), so I managed to pop outside to spray some Anti Shine on those dipped figures. And here are the results.

As advertised, I think that this has made quite a difference. In a positive way. The chainmail is duller, the bone is 'dryer', they all look rather cool!

Now to base them...



  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Phil. Yeah, they haven't come out too badly.

  2. Replies
    1. Yes indeed Fran. The 28s'll be on a KOW base, but I'm quite keen to see what difference the varnish makes to the painted 20mm plastics.

  3. Excellent results - great-looking legionaries, Nick!

    1. Thanks Monty. The finished elements look quite good.

  4. Cool!
    Looking forward to see what you do next.
    Who will the Skellies be facing off against?

    1. Thanks John. More Persians and Parthians, some more Marians, and another batch of Skellies. Though I am running out of time...a week and a bit 'till term starts up again. Next week's already looking pretty full up.

      The Skellies will be going up against Robin's Dwarves, possibly Andy's Humans, and my own Greenskins - a motley collection of mostly painted 28mm Orcs and Lizardkin.