Saturday, 2 January 2016

X Wings @ Tim's - Game 2

Many X Wings.

Good morning,

Following the previous game, we set up for another.

Same ships for me, Tim wanted to try out an X Wing list with...
Which meant that Hobbie could do a red, get a target lock (if in range), shred his stress and do an action (focus). Likewise Jek, though he had to roll for it (getting a hit for his troubles, as it happened!)

Oh, and Tim was also flying a Chardaan Refit Prototype A.

I haven't seen so many X Wings on the board since Wave 2!

Rather than risking a joust, I set up in the middle, hoping that that 'roid would give me cover as Tim came in.

Alas, although Wedge and the A could avoid most of Tim's arcs... B landed on the silly rock!

Took a damage, plus five more from incoming (and non-returnable) fire.


Next turn, Tim tries to use his A to block my B.

But I just power on through with a [red] straight 4.

Keyan Farlander works best when he's stressed, afterall.

And since I had Biggs cornered, Wedge removed chunks...

...and Keyan did the rest.

Boo ya!


...Keyan wasn't long for this world!

Drats! If only he hadn't flown onto that 'roid...

Next turn...

(notice the infinitesimal gap?)

...and Wedge one shots a full health A!


And so it was, two on two.

Alas and alak, I completely miscalculated Hobbie's K Turn behind Wedge, and, in spite of trying to boost behind a rock...



Still, what's good for the goose... good for the A Wing.


What followed was a good old swirling dogfight for position.

I was trying desperately to come into Hobbie from the flank...

...but Tim was having none of that nonsense.

So I tried a 5K to cut him off from the other side.

I thought it would have got me further out.

Bother it!

Still, it was a great game, far more two sided than my usual games with Tim!

Thanks Tim, that was cool!


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