Friday, 15 January 2016

More Hoplites Finished

Well, sort of.

Good evening,

Hot off the heels of the Marians I present to you three more elements of Hoplites.

There's something to be said for having a variety of stuff out at the same time - you want to use red on a Roman? Well, that Hoplite's shield'd look good in red, as would that Persian's tunic and that Parthian's trousers...

Now the Hoplites just need some shield decals.

One downside of this recent run of productivity - I've run out of the Gale Force 9 Parched Straw that I was using as a base to flock these Persian bound ements. My local stores were out too, so, rather than patiently ordering some, I got what I hoped would be an alternative.

Yeah, not so much. Bother it. It's too clumpy, not...fine enough.

Still, I did find some Army Painter Dip at Comics this afternoon, so...that's good. Now I just have to scrounge up enough dosh.


Oh, and that's it for the run of completed 20mms for a while. I've only just started on the next batch of Parthians 'n Persians.


  1. Great stuff mate!
    I see what you mean about the flock.
    I've never used Army Painter, but use washes all the time. Do any of the wood varnishes available at the DIY store do the same thing as the Army Painter dip?
    Been doing a little bit of scratchbuilding over the last couple of days - when not doing commission painting. A couple of Anglo Saxon dwellings for 28mm, coming along well - had my first crack at thatching a roof with some strips of old towel, looks better than it sounds :-)

    1. Hi John,

      Yeah, I'll have to save up for the right flock, more flocking 'till I've got the right stuff.

      Just got and tried the Army Painter Dip today. Smelly stuff! I'll see if I can post some pictures tonight...if the phone's got enough charge... Yes, acrylic wood stains/varnishes will do the same thing, but they cost almost as much, and this stuff's s'posed to be just a touch better.

      I'll look forward to seeing your buildings. I'd like to do some Dark Age British skirmishing myself one day. Saga looks interesting.

      Cheers bro,


    2. Nope, phone battery's flat!